Products Made From Recycling  

It is essential that majority of the people around the world should try to buy products that are made from recycled materials as it helps to keep our environment free of pollution and landfills. With the rapid growth in technology, lot of products can be made from recycled materials.

But still most of the products are developed using new raw materials. Its not that the products manufactured from recycled items are of inferior quality; in fact, most of the products made from recycling are of the same quality as that of any other item made from new materials. Following are some examples of products that are manufactured using recycled materials.

Fortrel EcoSpun is a new type of clothing fiber which is made by recycling of plastic bottles. It has been observed producing one pound of this type of fiber can help in keeping 10 bottles of plastic out of landfills. Fortrel EcoSpun is a type of fiber which can be used to wove or knit into apparels such as long underwear or as a covering for outerwear.

There are many other products as well which can be made by recycling the different plastic resins. Some of these products are pallets, trash bags which can be made from recycling LDPE resin. LDPE is commonly used for producing plastic bottles and coatings of trash bags. Detergent bottles, pails, pipes and bottles of motor oils are also some of the products that can be made by recycling HDPE resin. Another plastic resin called PET can be recycled to make fiberfill, carpets and non-food containers.

Toilet tissue, furniture, pencils, shoes, calendars, cardboards, garbage cans and paper towels are some of the other products that can be made from recycling.

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Products Made From Recycling




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