Statistics Of Recycling  

As a human being we all know how important is recycling. But are we really serious about it? The report and statistics doesn’t show that. But the patterns are evolving; people have started recycling products in order to avert the dangerous situations of global warming, to save power, save resources, etc. the recycling statistics have shown positive result over the years. The recycle statistics helps to know about recycling progress and tells us what steps are to be taken to achieve optimal results.

The recycling statistics vary from one region to another, due to diverse population across the globe and the recycling activities they carry out. In United States nearly 82 million tons of substances are recycled to produce new goods.  An American citizen produces nearly 4.6 lbs. of waste every day. Out of the total waste produced in the country America recycles 32% of them.

More than half of the paper wastes are recycled in the country. There are more than 8000 recycle programs conducted in America for collecting the waste, categorizing it and putting them to recycle. There is almost 100% increase in recycling activities in the country over the last few decades. The domestic waste produced by American people is more compared to any other nations. An American citizen produces 800kg of waste compared to an individual in Europe who produces 577 kilograms of waste.

European nations also carry out their recycling activities on a large scale. Countries of Austria, United Kingdom, Greece and other nations carry out recycling. The Austria recycles almost 60% of the waste it produces, the highest in Europe. Other nations also carry out their recycling activities. The country of Australia use 86% of the paper recycled from the paper waste. Thou the recycling trends have shown positive result, still more efforts are needed to sustain green and healthy living.

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Statistics Of Recycling




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