Why Is Recycling Important ?  

The recycling process is very crucial for keep our planet clean and green. Recycling is process where the waste products which are no longer used are converted into new products. The old products are processed to form new products.

The process involves Gathering the waste products which can be used as raw material for manufacturing new products, instead of tossing the waste products in the environment. The recycling involves creating a new product from the waste and reusing a product for some alternate purpose instead throwing it away.

We human being by our activities leave a footprint on the earth, which would show its reaction in coming future, Whatever would be action accordingly would be reaction. We need to leave good impression of ours on earth by our activities and recycling is one of the good activity amongst them.

The products which are recycled include paper, glass, plastic, aluminum and batteries. There are many benefits associated with the recycling. The used articles when thrown away in the surrounding cause nuisance. They fill up land sites causing depletion of land. The waste thrown into the surrounding can acts as breeding ground for scavengers. Gathering the waste and cleaning up the place, categorizing the products for recycling would help vacate land for various purposes.

Beside it also helps save energy, as producing a new product from the scratch would require more effort and energy compared to recycling the product. Also creating a new product would require new resources which can be uneconomical, whereas in recycling a new product is obtained from the cost free waste.

Recycling also helps save natural resources. Instead a cutting a tree and using its resources for making paper, you can use the waste paper for making new paper. The recycling improves the environment and curb down the population due to this reason recycling is most important. The poisonous gas emission which includes methane, carbon dioxide is reduced due to the process of recycling and helps prevent the global warming.

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Why Is Recycling Important




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