Recycling Process Of Aluminium  

         The process of Aluminum recycling is the way by which used or scrap aluminum is recycled after it is initially produced. In the process the metal is simply re-melted and this takes less energy and less time than the whole process to make new aluminum through the electrolysis method.More...


Aluminum Can Recycling Price

Aluminum Can Recycling Price

Aluminum is a very useful metal, which has many applications in our everyday life. Due to its varied uses, the metal is recycled repeatedly and it is then re-casted into new things. Recycling is the only process that allows this old aluminum to be used once again in new shape and in new form.More...



Can Caps Aluminium Be Recycled ?

Can Caps Aluminium Be Recycled

The recycling movement is very beneficial and the perfect example of this is the recycling of aluminum cans. These cans form the backbone of the recycling programs carried out by different authorities. The cans are first collected for recycling. The collection method varies from country to country.More...



How Is Aluminium Made ?

How Is Aluminium Made

Aluminum is a very useful metal in an economy and is used in all sectors of the economy. It is widely used in industries and in households also. The manufacture of aluminum is a two stage process.More...



What Is Aluminium Used For ?

What Is Aluminium Used For

Aluminum is a very useful product and there are so many uses that it makes the life of a common man much easier. When one thinks of the different uses of the metal the first thing that comes to mind is aluminum foil.More...





Where-Is-Aluminium-Found      Aluminum is a very common metal found in abundance in the earth’s crust. As per an assumption, about 8.3 per cent of the earth’s surface is made up of this common, yet very useful metal. More..




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