How To Recycle Paper At Home ?  

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to try to protect our environment from any harm. There may be many means by which we can achieve this. Recycling of paper at home can be considered to be one of the steps in that direction.

In order to recycle paper at home, one need to have some things beforehand such as blender, wooden frame, glue, iron for drying, water and last but not the least, any used paper such as printing paper, tissue, bond paper, newspaper etc. You can also think of adding optional items like flowers, food coloring, spices etc. along with the paper.

After making sure that you have all the required things, tear the papers you have and soak all of it in the water. Add this mixture in the blender and again add some more water so that the level of water is higher than the top of the paper. Blend the mixture till you have a grey liquid. These results in the pulp which is needed to recycle the paper. At this stage if you want you can add flowers or food coloring.

Now make sure that your kitchen sink is filled with water. Add the pulp into the water and mix it with glue. When the mixture in the basin is ready, lift the frame up slowly. The next thing you should do is dry the fame in the sun. You should remove the paper only after the frame has completely dried. After you remove the paper dry it with a hair dryer or iron it to remove the wrinkles.

You can use this new paper for making book covers, cards, scrap books etc.

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How To Recycle Paper At Home




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