What Causes An Adrenaline Rush

What Causes An Adrenaline Rush ?

An adrenaline rush is the name given a sudden increase in adrenaline in the body and is typically caused when a person is scared or even excited. There are several reasons why the body could experience an adrenaline rush. Almost everyone would have experienced this at some point or the other in their lives.

Adrenalin is a hormone that is secreted by adrenaline gland. Adrenaline acts as a neurotransmitter. It is also called as epinephrine. When there is a sudden increase in that particular hormone, it is known as an adrenaline rush. When the body experiences this rush, the heart rate could increase and also it can increase the blood pressure. One of the most common reasons why a person experiences he adrenaline rush is the fear factor. When a person is very scared, they suddenly feel a rush of hormones. At that time, the person’s body goes through a sudden change in terms of strength and also they may experience emotional changes.

There are many people who suffer from conditions like anxiety disorder or depression and this could also be caused by adrenaline rush. These types of disorders can also be caused when a person experiences extreme panic or has experienced severe trauma. During that time the body will produce excessive adrenaline hormone. Panic attacks are also another reason why body produces excessive adrenaline. Sudden depression is also a reason why the body produces excessive adrenalin. Like this, there are many reasons why the body produces adrenalin.

The body when it under goes a sudden change in mind and body condition the release of hormones is also altered. That is why the body experiences varied levels of adrenalin or varied levels of energy at one point of time. When there is an increased energy level, it may always not be a good sign. It can also be a cause and effect thing where the body ended up producing more hormones when it is not required. Since the adrenaline is high the body is forced to use it up and as a result it may spike up blood pressure or even blood sugar levels. This could also increase other health risks like heart attacks and strokes. For people, who exercise regularly, and sports personalities, the adrenaline rush may be a good thing. Some of them even take injections to experience the upsurge in energy levels. However, these people also have the capacity to sue up the sudden increase in energy levels and therefore it does not cause the blood pressure or sugar levels to go up.

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What Causes An Adrenaline Rush