How To Decrease Progesterone Levels Naturally

How To Decrease Progesterone Levels Naturally ?

Progesterone is one of the hormones found in the human body and it is a very important type of steroid required by the body. It is produced by the ovaries in a woman during the menstrual cycle. It is also found in the adrenal glands as well as the placenta. Progesterone is one of the hormones that helps to maintain the estrogen level in a woman’s body.

There are several other roles that progesterone plays in the body, like it accelerates the digestive process, it helps to maintain the bone structure and also reduces anxiety disorders if found in the right quantity. However, when progesterone levels are too high, then it could cause several problems for us. However when the woman goes through her menstrual cycle the levels of progesterone are automatically reduced at that time. Also, researchers believe that during menopause the progesterone levels in the body of a woman almost become zero. There are several other times that the progesterone can go down in the body like when you miss your monthly period, for instance.

When the progesterone levels are too high in the body, then there should be a reason for it. Instead of directly attempting to lower the levels first find out what is causing the Increase. High progesterone levels can be caused due to a condition called hyperplasia. You may also experience increased levels of progesterone when you have had a hormonal replacement therapy, for instance. Some of the emotional problems can also highly alter the levels of progesterone and cause them to increase. So seeing psychotherapist at that time may be beneficial for your health.

Decreasing the levels of progesterone naturally depends mainly on the reason why it has increased in the first place. If you need medications based on the problem, then you have to depend on that particular medicine. You can also choose to find an alternative in natural therapy for treating the problem. A holistic doctor could be the right person to suggest the natural remedies. Without proper diagnosis of the problem it is nearly impossible to say what is beneficial for lowering the progesterone in the body. However, once the reason is known then there are several remedies for stabilizing the levels of progesterone even through dietary methods. The cause can be identified as exogenous or endogenous. Endogenous means due to the secretion of glands. Exogenous means there could be some other influencing reason like psychological problems for instance.

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How To Decrease Progesterone Levels Naturally