Is Progesterone Cream Good For Skin

Is Progesterone Cream Good For Skin ?

Progesterone is available in various naturally occurring ingredients including fruits and vegetables and is also being sold as a facial cream for more than three decades now. The best benefits of using a progesterone based skin cream is that one find their skin to turn lighter and also it becomes softer. Wrinkles are removed with the help of progesterone based creams.

Many women have tested progesterone on their skin on small areas, such as around the skin or the mouth where wrinkles are most likely to form. There after a consistent use of progesterone creams they found that the wrinkles disappeared. So progesterone is a very effective anti wrinkle treatment. Usually progesterone levels in younger women is supposed to be good however research shows that even women who menstruate regularly sometimes show lower levels of progesterone in their body. Lower levels of progesterone leads to various physiological problems and also it affects the condition of the skin. As women get older and approach their menopausal years the levels of progesterone also decreases in the body. Absence of menstruation would cause loss of progesterone as an effect. Progesterone is one of the hormones that are required for pregnancy.

Women realize only in their 40s that they suddenly look older but all this is caused due to the progesterone levels in the body. Women in their fifties suddenly start experiencing dry skin, itchy skin, and also wrinkled skin. The elasticity in the skin is reduced by a great deal. That is when many women decide to go for a hormone replacement therapy.

There are some natural progesterone creams that are available in the market that can help to crease out the wrinkles and also make the skin softer. Many are extracted from wild yams and even soy beans for example. Many of these are available over the counter as well. Dermatology several experts agree with the benefits that progesterone has to provide for a woman’s skin. Even plastic surgeons agree that the wrinkles on the skin can be removed by the use of progesterone applied directly over the skin. Progesterone is also found in fruits like papaya for example. However, progesterone creams also have something called the parabens that is not good for the skin. So, when you choose to buy a progesterone based cream, makes sure that you purchase something that has no parabens for example. Or, better yet ask a good dermatologist for advice.

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Is Progesterone Cream Good For Skin