Progesterone In Herbs

Progesterone In Herbs

Progesterone is one of the hormones produced by the body and it is also available in the natural form. For women, progesterone plays a very important role in the body. It keeps various long term conditions at bay and also keeps the skin beautiful. Many women during their menopausal stage suffer from hormonal imbalance when the levels of estrogen go up drastically.

Sometimes when the periods are absent during the menopausal stage there is complete absence of progesterone also. Premenstrual syndrome also causes lack of progesterone. When women get their periods there is complete absence of progesterone in it. There are several options of adding progesterone into your body like suing progesterone based creams or consuming tablets. There are several herbs also that are rich in progesterone content.

Herbal remedies have always been safer because even if you don not benefit much from them they do not cause any side effects. Herbs are also better absorbed by the body because they are in their natural form. There are several herbs that help in improving the condition like premenstrual syndrome and also pre-menopausal symptoms. Herbs help to boost the progesterone levels so that the symptoms are reduced. Unlike hormone replacement therapy where women are given a hormone like progesterone, but it is in a synthetic form. However, their effects are still disputed today.

Herbs, on the other hand, cause the body to naturally increase the progesterone levels. Chasteberry is a small fruit and could have originated in Greece or Rome. It is known to cure the symptoms of PMS. PMS can also cause depression and anxiety and so on. Evening Primrose oil is also another effective herb that helps to balance the hormonal levels. It balances both progesterone and estrogen. Evening Primrose is known to boost the levels of progesterone as it contains something called the Gama linolenic acid.

Wild yam also has progesterone in it and in fact very high levels of it. In fact some of the initial birth control pills were made out of wild yam. Wild yam is also known as colic root. It is also helpful in relieving PMS symptoms like abdomen cramping and so on. Wild yam is known as one of the best medications to solve the hormonal imbalance. However, its suitability is another factor and it may not suit everyone.

So, people should consult a good herbalist before they go ahead with consuming any kind of herbs.

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Progesterone In Herbs