Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinsons

Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinsons

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a disease of central nervous system. Patients who suffer from this disease will slowly lost control of their speech, movement ability, and other functions. Symptoms of Parkinson also include tremor, muscle rigidity, and inability to control movement. The disease is both progressive and chronic.

What causes Parkinson’s? :

                Genetic:  Although PD is traditionally classified as a non-genetic disease, we now know that genetic may play some roles in the disease development. Approximately 5-10% of all patients have the same genetic risk factors. However, we still don’t fully understand how the disease is inherited from a generation to the next.

                Head Trauma: Patients who suffer from Parkinson often report that they had head trauma in the past. This is why doctors traditionally classify head trauma to be a risk factor for Parkinson. However, recent researches show that head trauma may be the result from clumsiness associated with the disease.

                Drugs & Medications: Certain drugs are known to be the cause of Parkinson’s disease. Some examples of these drugs are antipsychotic medications and MPTP. Antipsychotics are used to treat patient with schizophrenic. MPTP is a synthetic contaminant in heroin.

                Other Diseases: Other diseases like stroke , shy-drager syndrome, and blood vessel disorders are known to cause Parkinson.


                There is no cure for PD at present. The medicine of today can only provide temporary relief to a patient. Generally, medications and surgeries are standard treatments.
Not until recently, doctors and scientists have looked into the possibility for cure of PD by using stem cell treatment. An advantage for treating PD with stem cell therapy is that it has no immunosuppressive reactions. No additional medications are required during the treatment. Even though stem cell treatment can not completely cure all symptoms of Parkinson, it can reduce muscle tension, tremors, and increase muscle strength. With further medical advancement in stem cell technology, it may be possible to finally find the cure for PD.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinsons