Is Anthrax Vaccine Safe ?

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Is Anthrax Vaccine Safe ?

Anthrax is a bacterial infection that is contracted by humans from the livestock like cattle and sheep. The bacteria of anthrax are found mainly in the soil. The bacteria cause spores in the soil and survives in these spores for several years. When the livestock feed on grass or the soil they ingest this bacterium.

The anthrax bacteria are only found in certain types of soil. By itself the anthrax infection is not fatal or serious. If a person gets treated immediately and takes antibiotics, then the bacteria is killed effectively. The symptoms of anthrax are severe stomach cramps and fever. It is treated through antibiotics like penicillin. However, anthrax can also be prevented by taking a vaccine. People have to take three vaccines spread over a few weeks.

However, anthrax vaccine does have some side effects like it could cause a severe allergic reaction. Before the vaccine is administered the person is given a dose of BioThrax. Also, people who have latex problems should be careful while taking the vaccination. It causes erythema, which is a skin infection, tenderness and soreness at the site of the injection. The adverse reactions can also be muscle pain, headaches and fatigue. However, these symptoms do not occur in everyone who takes the vaccine. For people, who experience these symptoms, there could be an underlying cause and if they know of their condition they should discuss it with their doctor before taking the vaccination. Anthrax vaccine has never caused any fatalities so far.

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Is Anthrax Vaccine Safe