Diseases That Affect The Brain

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Diseases That Affect The Brain

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body performing complex functions like starting body movements, controlling behavior, being the center of intelligence and also interpreting the senses.

It weighs around three pounds and is encased in the cranium, protected by cerebrospinal fluid.Throughout the ages, scientists and researchers have been endeavoring to find out the mysterious working of the brain. However, it has proved to be an uphill road. Nonetheless, science has made a lot of progress unraveling the way the brain functions and what the some of the diseases that affect the brain.

Some of the diseases that affect the brain are as follows:

Inflammation of the brain is one such disease that can have a profound effect on the vision; it can also cause paralysis as well as weakness in the entire body.

If a person suffers from a stroke, it leads to brain cells being damaged. When this happens, the cognitive skills of the person are affected. The damaged brain cells can also severely affect the person's ability to think coherently.

Brain tumors are a big cause of worry as they not only affect the functioning of the brain, they can also affect nerves by putting undue pressure on them.

Some diseases of the brain are genetic in nature. For instance, Alzheimer's disease, that is prevalent among seniors, is a brain disease that is genetic. Even Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease are genetic in nature.

There are many other types of diseases of the brain. Some are convulsive disorders like epilepsy, some are infectious like AIDS dementia, while others are metabolic diseases of the brain like Gaucher's disease.

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Diseases That Affect The Brain