New Treatment On Brain Diseases

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New Treatment On Brain Diseases

Scientists have always found it a challenge to find appropriate treatment for the various brain diseases.

This is primarily because they can manifest themselves as many different types like pain, schizophrenia, disorders of the mood, sleep disorders or even neurodegenerative disorders. It is estimated that around 450 million people around the world suffer from one or the other type of brain diseases. That is why it is important to find new treatment on brain diseases.Any treatment for a brain disease is limited by the blood brain barrier. This barrier is responsible for not allowing drugs to pass from the blood into the brain. Earlier researchers were trying hard to breach the blood brain barrier by using carriers or transporters to carry the medication to the brain. This had limited success.

Today, the new treatment on brain disease is looking into nanoscience to find a way of delivering medication and drugs to the brain. Researchers are trying to develop methods to ensure that medications can be given intravenously and orally as nanoparticles are quite tiny and can pass through the blood brain barrier.

However, new treatment on brain diseases is facing problems as researchers do not have proper strategies to target the brain. Nonetheless, researchers and scientists are hard at work to find effective treatment methods by experimenting presently on treatments available for schizophrenia, sleep disorders and pain.

The use of nanoscience to find effective treatment measures for various brain diseases is being hailed by the medical and research communities. It is quite possible that few years down the line there will be treatments available for different brain diseases, which currently are untreatable and doctors can only provide symptomatic treatment and palliative care.

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New Treatment On Brain Diseases