What Diseases Cause Brain Lesions ?

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What Diseases Cause Brain Lesions ?

A brain lesion is basically an injury in the brain or a disease.

Usually a lesion is a part of the tissue which has sustained some amount of damage. When it comes to brain lesions, there are many different types. These lesions can be small in size or big, few in number or many, or harmless or life threatening.Usually a person gets brain lesion because of an injury, being exposed to harmful chemicals, having an infection or suffering from some problem associated with the immune system of the body. However, there are many other causes brain lesions, and many of them are not known by medical science.

Some of the common symptoms of brain lesion include headaches, nausea, changes in the vision, vomiting, loss of appetite, neck pain, changes in the behavior or mood, loss of memory, fever, seizures, or problems moving around.

Some of the diseases that cause brain lesions are as follows:

Alzheimer's disease is known to cause lesions in the brain. When a person gets Alzheimer's disease, the nerve cells start dying. The area where the cells start dying get damaged leading to lesions. Slowly but surely, the person starts losing many functions of the brain depending on which area is affected.

Arteriovenous malformation is a condition that is develops during early childhood. It is a type of brain lesion that is caused due to problems in the development of the veins and arteries which grow in the brain as a tangled inter-connected mass known as fistulae. In this condition, the arteries and veins are not strong like the normal arteries and veins, and hence, they tend to lead and rupture. Also, as the arteries and veins get connected, the blood flows from the arteries to the veins through the fistulae.

Cerebral infarction is another condition that leads to lesions in the brain. In this condition, the tissue in the brain starts dying in clusters depending on where the infarction takes place. Usually cerebral infarction occurs due to a stroke.

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What Diseases Cause Brain Lesions