How Is Cholera Transmitted ?

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How Is Cholera Transmitted ?

Cholera is a disease which is caused by a bacterium, which affects the small intestine. After you are affected by cholera, in a few days it causes diarrhea. It makes you lose body fluids in a short period of time through vomiting and extreme diarrhea. Cholera is seen more in children than adults.

If it is not treated, you will lose fluids, and this can cause death in a single a day after the disease develops. The treatment is not complicated because replacement of fluids is advised. You can mix a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar in a glass of water and slowly spoon feed the affected person. This will help to replace the lost fluids. If the situation worsens, the person should be admitted in hospital. The fluids will be fed to the person intravenously in a hospital.

Cholera does not affect people living in the tropical areas as it is linked to water hygiene and sanitation. So, eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water are the major sources of how cholera is spread. Usually this contamination occurs due to infected feces.

Bacteria will also be spread to food when a person after going to toilet does not wash his hands properly. The food which is prepared near the funeral of a person with cholera can also spread cholera.

It can also be spread via shellfish and fish from the water which is contaminated with the bacteria. The shellfish concentrates the bacteria by filtering huge quantities of water. The spread of cholera in Peru in the year 1998 was due to contaminated algae which affected the coastal areas. Direct infection is very rare or the chances are zero percent.

It is better to take precautions like washing hands after using toilet, eating fully cooked foods, drinking water which is boiled or treated, and avoiding street foods.

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How Is Cholera Transmitted