What Is Cholera Disease ?

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What Is Cholera Disease ?

Vibrio cholerae is the bacterium which causes cholera. This disease damages the gastrointestinal system of a human being. The symptoms of this disease are vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. If it is not treated immediately, it can lead to death within hours. It causes loss of fluids from the body, and the physical appearance changes drastically.

Cholera is a contagious disease. It is transmitted via infected feces which find their way into water and food. Contact with an infected person can also cause cholera. Sometimes, it can result from eating food which is raw or not cooked properly. Cholera can be cured with antibiotics and fluid replacement. When you cannot use antibiotics, mix water and glucose and drink it. This drink can help you to overcome dehydration.

Cholera does not attack people in the countries which are developed because they have proper medical treatment, health standards, drinking water is clean, and the sewage system is perfect. If there are cases, it is due to consumption of shellfish in the raw form and people getting infected when traveling to countries that have cholera.

The travelers should take some precautions to avoid being attacked from cholera. Water should be boiled before washing or drinking. Treat the water with iodine or chlorine. Wash your hands with clean water often, and do not forget to wash your hand after using the toilet. Eat the food which is fully cooked and it should be hot when served. Avoid foods which are raw and undercooked and also shellfish. Consume only drinks that are boiled, like coffee or tea, or bottled drinks.

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What Is Cholera Disease