Over The Counter Medications For Constipation

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Over The Counter Medications For Constipation

There are many over the counter medications that are available to treat constipation. The colon also called the large intestine is a part of the digestive system and it absorbs salts and minerals. The residues of the colon are passed through the rectum in the form of feces. Constipation is identified by hard stools and inability to pass them. There are specific medications which can easily solve the problem. If you have chronic constipation, it is best to take doctors advice.


Medications that are muscle stimulants help in constipation and digestion. The colon is a muscle and in order to pass stool this muscle has to contract, and this contraction results in the movement of stools out of the colon. Some muscle stimulants available over the counter are Senokot, Dulcolax, Correctol and Purge.

Laxatives are tablets that do the job of fibers in the body. Fiber is of two kinds, soluble and insoluble. It is found in plenty in fruits and vegetables and some herbs. Fibers push the excretory material out of the bowels and also keep them soft. Some laxatives are made with excessive fiber which works well on constipation. Fiberall, Serutan, Metamucil and Citrucel are some of them available over the counter.

Stool softeners are tablets that help top moisten the stools that are hard. They prevent dehydration and keep the stools in a semi liquid form. Some of them are Colace and Surfak which are commonly available in super markets. However, there are some restrictions to follow while using this tablet. You should not use any mineral oil and some other substances. Also they should not be used often. It is recommendable for people who have hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

If the stools are too hard, they cut the anus and you tend to bleed. Also, the cut part becomes prone to infections due to E. coli bacterial infection. Lubricants are used to ease the stools. These are sold in the form of oils such as mineral and fleet oils. When they are used, the bowel movements take place under 8 hours.

Water is a very important liquid and plays a major role in easing out constipation. There are some water based laxatives also known as saline laxatives which soften the hard stools. They act on the colon and make it absorb more water like a sponge. Some of the saline laxatives are Haley’s M-O and Milk of Magnesia that is popular.

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