Group Of People Most Affected By Myopathies

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Group Of People Most Affected By Myopathies

Some groups of people are more affected by myopathies than others. People who have parents or grandparents with myopathies have the greatest risk of getting inherited myopathies. This kind of myopathy occurs due to a defective gene that is unable to synthesize one of the proteins required for normal functioning of muscle cells. (See Reference 1)

In inherited myopathy, the child inherits the defective gene from one of the parents. In case the parent has the disorder as well the defective gene, then there is a fifty percent chance that the result offspring will also inherit the myopathy. The chance of inheritance of the disease is equal for boys as well as girls. (See Reference 1)

However, there are some forms of myopathies, such as myotonia congenital and nemaline myopathy, where both parents need to be carriers of the defective gene in order for their offspring to inherit. Also, the parents should not have the disease themselves. (See Reference 1) There is a 25 percent chance that an offspring will inherit one pair of genes from both parents and thereby get the disease. However, there is a 50 percent chance that the offspring will inherit just a single copy of the defective gene. In the latter case, the resultant offspring will be a carrier of the myopathy and will not have the disease. (See Reference 1)

In case of centronuclear myopathy, it is male offsprings who get the disease usually. The female offsprings can inherit the gene from their parents, but they will be carriers and pass the disease on to their male progenies. (See Reference 1) Similarly, mitchodrial myopathy is given to the child through the mother as the sperm does not contain any mitochondria. (See Reference 1)

There are some people who can get endocrine myopathy due to a problem with the functioning of an endocrine gland. In this kind of myopathy, the affected endocrine gland can either secrete too much hormone, or too little leading to weakness of the muscle. Examples of endocrine myopathy include hyperthyroid myopathy and hypothyroid myopathy. In the former, due to too much secretion of thyroid hormone, myopathy develops in the hips, shoulders and at times in the eyes. (See Reference 1) In the latter, too little hormone is secreted by the thyroid gland causing weakness in the muscles of the legs and arms, cramps and stiffness. (See Reference 1)

At times, the cause of the myopathy may be unknown. This is seen in dermatomyositis, which is a kind of inflammatory myopathy. However, health experts believe that viral infection as well as antibiotics are some how responsible for this disease. (See Reference 1) At times, cancer and rheumatologic diseases can result in dermatomyositis.

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Group Of People Most Affected By Myopathies Reference
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