Can I Ever Eat A Potato If I Have High Blood Sugar

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Can I Ever Eat A Potato If I Have High Blood Sugar ?

People with Type 2 diabetes should have carefully planned meals and should be more adhered to their diet. Whatever you at has a direct effect on the blood sugar levels. Potatoes are high in starch and have a moderate kind of effect on blood sugar levels according to the glycemic index (GI). So, if you are wondering whether you can eat a potato with high blood sugar, the answer is that it depends. If you blood sugar is really high, then having potato is not advisable, as even a moderate increase in your blood sugar level could be harmful. On the other hand, having potato occasionally is not a problem.


One of the best tools that you can use to measure the effects of various foods on the blood sugar is believed to be glycemic index. The Linus Pauling Institute says after a research conducted by them that they gave certain types of foods to volunteers and measured their blood glucose levels after that. The higher the blood sugar level spike, the higher they were rated on the index. The values were compared to the standardized foods that contained poor glucose.

The Utah State University says that the sweet potatoes have a GI rating of 61 and it is fairly high on the index. However, it will increase the blood glucose and rates 61 percent higher than consuming other normal foods of the GI index. The standard measurement for serving sizes is half cup of sweet potato which contains 20g of carbohydrates. However, despite all these facts sweet potatoes are ranked lower on the index compared to white potatoes, which tend to have 85g sugar in one serving.

However, sweet potato can be combined with other food types that help to reduce the blood sugar levels. This can be a great way to consume sweet potato and not worry about how it is going affect your blood sugar levels. Some fruits and vegetables that are acidic in nature reduce the sugars in sweet potatoes through reaction. If the sweet potato is consumed along with the skin, which is high in fiber, it will prevent the increase of blood sugar. The manner of cooking the sweet potato also affects the sugar levels. The more any food substance is cooked, the GI will end up becoming higher.

If a person is worried their blood sugar because of consumption of potatoes, it is best to avoid sweet potatoes and concentrate on starchy foods, such as white potatoes or white breads. A good nutritionist can also use the foods on the higher GI index to lower the blood sugar levels by using combination foods. You should not eat foods that are completely high on the glycemic index and instead plan on combining foods that are both high and low in sugars. This helps to maintain the balance in the diet. A balanced diet can be prescribed by a good dietician.

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