Why Does My Nose Bleed When My Fever Breaks

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Why Does My Nose Bleed When My Fever Breaks ?

Many people experience nose bleeds at some point or the other during their lives. If a nose bleed occurs infrequently, or even twice a month, it is generally not a cause for concern. It has been seen that people who suffer from allergies, colds, have a deviated nasal septum or live in dry environment are more prone to nose bleed. Even people with sinus infections can experience nose bleeds.

At times, when a person blows his or her nose too hard or picks the nose, it can result in a nose bleed. The nasal passage is highly vascular with small capillaries lining the lining of the nose. So, when the nose is blown hard or it is picked, these tiny capillaries tend to rupture causing the nose bleed.

If a person suffers from a nose bleed, it is best to apply some amount of pressure on the nose to stem the blood flow. The bleeding will stop in a few minutes. However, when the bleeding is severe, it can be worrying. In such a case, using a wad of tissue to plug the nose and applying pressure on the nostril will help to stem the flow. At the same time, the person should tilt the head upwards. In case the bleeding does not stop within twenty minutes, then the person should visit a doctor.

Often people wonder why their noses bleed when their fever breaks. When a person has fever, there is increase in the blood flow in all the superficial blood vessels. This can cause the capillaries to rupture and result in a nose bleed. Usually, it has been seen that nose bleeds occur in people who have an infection or allergy that causes fever. They may experience nose bleeds when the fever breaks.

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Why Does My Nose Bleed When My Fever Breaks