Genetic Disorders Causing Hearing Loss

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Genetic Disorders Causing Hearing Loss

There are many genetic disorders that cause hearing loss.

Genetic disorders manifest several different types of symptoms and problems in the body. While some lead to problems that are visible, others may not show the result on the outside. Sometimes, hearing loss can be a main effect connected to the genetic disorder, and on other occasions, it is a minor side effect of the disorder.Here are some genetic disorders that are known to cause hearing loss:

Alport Syndrome is a genetic disorder that adversely affects the kidney. This disorder is primarily caused due to mutation. One of the side effects of Alport Syndrome is loss of hearing or other hearing defects. If you suffer from this syndrome, it is best to contact a hearing specialist to figure out what measures can be taken to help you.

In Alport Syndrome, even if the person gets a kidney transplant, the hearing loss is not rectified. Therefore, it is important for the person to seek proper medical assistance to help with the hearing loss.

Similarly, there are many other genetic disorders that cause hearing loss. Some of them are branchio-oto facial syndrome, also known as BOF; deafness dystonia optic neuronopathy syndrome; Stickler syndrome, Townes-Brocks syndrome and Usher syndrome.

As all these are genetic disorders, there are no treatment options available. Therefore, the hearing loss caused due to the disorders will be permanent. The only solution to help with the loss of hearing would be for the person to approach a hearing specialist and get a hearing aid fitted depending on the extent of the hearing loss.

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Genetic Disorders Causing Hearing Loss