Can You Permanently Get Rid Of Gonorrhea

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Can You Permanently Get Rid Of Gonorrhea ?

The only way to get permanently rid of gonorrhea is through the use of antibiotics. The medication must be used as prescribed by the doctor. However, at the same time, people should realize that even after getting cured, they can still contract the bacteria if they have unsafe sex with an infected person. Also, there are not drug resistant strains of bacteria that do not respond to the treatment. Hence, when selecting sexual partners, people have to be very careful. (See Reference 1)

When a person is suspected of having gonorrhea, a swap from the suspected site is taken to determine the presence of the bacteria. In addition, the person will also be checked for Chlamydia as both these STDs tend to co-exist in the person. The doctor will advise the person not to have sex until the entire course of treatment is over and until the doctor says that it is safe for the person to have sexual relations again. In addition, even after the treatment is over, the person should refrain from having sexual relations with a partner who does not get treated for the infection along with the person. If the partner does not get treated, there is risk of contracting the infection again. (See Reference 1)

Gonorrhea is caused by a bacterium, and most prevalent among young adults aged between 15 years and 29 years. While using condoms offers certain amount of protection against gonorrhea, but it is not a foolproof method. The only way to prevent contracting the infection is by complete abstinence. On the other hand, if a person is sexually active, he or she should ensure that their partner is free from STDs and they should also go for regular checkups to ensure that everything is alright. Having a monogamous long term relationship is better than having multiple partners.

As per the statistics available from the CDC, every year in the US 700,000 new cases are reported. Hence, seeking timely treatment is the only way to get rid of gonorrhea permanently and by ensuring that the person is careful with whom he or she has sexual relations. (See Reference 1) The good news is that as the infection is caused due to bacteria, doctors can use a variety of antibiotics to ensure that the infection is cured and gone forever. However, the person has to finish the entire course of the antibiotics even though the symptoms diminish or disappear within the first 2 days of starting the medication. (See Reference 1)

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