How To Prevent Gonorrhea

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How To Prevent Gonorrhea ?

The only foolproof method to prevent gonorrhea is abstinence. However, another way to prevent gonorrhea would be to enter into a long term monogamous relationship with a person who has been tested and shown to be free of the infection. Many people advocate the use of condoms. While condoms can reduce the risk of getting gonorrhea, they are definitely not considered to be 100 percent effective in prevent gonorrhea or any other sexually transmitted disease. (See Reference 1)

Also, it has been observed in the US, the drug resistant strains of the gonorrhea causing bacterium are on the rise. The same is also true for countries like the UK and Canada. Hence, using safe sex methods could reduce a person's risk of contracting the infection.

Male partners should be encouraged to use condoms during sexual intercourse as well as foreplay. Also, it is recommended to refrain from using spermicide-lubricated condoms as the spermicide on the condoms does not protect a person from contracting an STD or HIV. According to the CDC, condoms that make use of spermicides having nonoxynol 9 could end up causing lesions inside the vagina and this could increase a person's risk of not only getting HIV, but also any other STD, like gonorrhea. (See Reference 2)

If one of the partners gets gonorrhea, then both have to be treated with antibiotics to ensure that both are infection-free and cannot end up infecting each other again. There is no vaccine that can prevent gonorrhea and get the infection once does make the body immune to subsequent infections. (See Reference 2)

Another way to prevent gonorrhea is by ensuring that sex toys are washed properly after being used. Some scientific studies have proven that pathogens can spread from one person to another if sex toys are shared. Also, personal care items and towels should not be shared as they may be home to the bacterium. (See Reference 2)

If a person is contemplating sex with a new partner, it is advisable that both be tested for gonorrhea and other STDs before having sex. Also, when a person indulges in unprotected sex, he or she should get themselves checked for gonorrhea. The cost for the test for gonorrhea is taken care by the person's health insurance. In case a person does not have health insurance, then a health clinic in the city can do a screening test either free or charge the person a little bit. (See Reference 2)

If a woman is pregnant, she should be tested for the infection during the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent her newborn infant from getting the infection at birth. Untreated infection in newborn infants can result in blindness.

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