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When Was Gonorrhea Discovered ?  

Gonorrhea is a disease which is sexually transmitted. The cause of gonorrhea is a bacterium. In the US, one million cases are reported every year, and majority of the infected people are below 30 years. In the first stage, the symptoms are unnoticeable and infection is easily spread to others as a result.

The symptoms of gonorrhea are rare in females and if they are noticeable, they include vaginal itching, discharge and uterine bleeding. It can also be transmitted through vaginal delivery to the newborn child. The symptoms of gonorrhea in the males are urethra infection and pain during urination.

Gonorrhea was mentioned in the writings from ancient China, Egypt and Japan. Even in the Bible there is a reference to gonorrhea. In the 15th century, syphilis spread all round Europe, and often it was mistaken for gonorrhea. Also, during that period, it was a common belief that syphilis was the initial of gonorrhea.

It was Albert Neisser in the year 1879 who discovered the gram negative bacterium that caused gonorrhea. He was a German physician who is also credited for discovering the bacterium that causes leprosy. However, it was a scientist named Paul Ehrlich, who was responsible for naming the bacteria gonococcus. Thereafter, 5 strains of the bacteria were identified.

The first treatment which turned out to be effective was sulfonamides, which was made available in the year 1937. At the time of World War 2, penicillin was used to treat gonorrhea. Penicillin and other antibiotics turned out rather effective. However, some strains of the bacterium were resistant to these medications.

The cases with gonorrhea are decreased drastically from 1987 every year. However, the disease is still prevalent in urban areas, which are densely populated. Also, it is seen more in young adults aged 24 and below who have multiple sexual partners or do not resort to safe sex practices.

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When Was Gonorrhea Discovered




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When Was Gonorrhea Discovered ? )
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