Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids

Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids ?

Cortaid is a branded cortisone-containing cream. It is primarily used for reducing itching and inflammation caused due to allergies, insect bites, psoriasis, sprains and eczema. However, many people also use this cortisone cream for relieving the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you may have heard of this cream and would like to know whether you can use Cortaid on hemorrhoids.

Use of Cortaid for Hemorrhoids
The use of Cortaid depends on the kind of hemorrhoids you have. It goes without saying that this hydrocortisone cream can reduce inflammation and itching that are present when a person suffers from hemorrhoids. However, long-term use is not at all recommended. As this a cortisone-based cream, it will make the skin thin. Hence, when it comes to Cortaid or any other type of cortisone cream, doctors usually recommend not using the cream for more than seven continuous days. Thereafter, if your hemorrhoids are still giving trouble, you should put your embarrassment aside and visit a doctor.

Also, Cortaid is a topical cream. Hence, it should not used on hemorrhoids that are bleeding and open wounds. Usually when it comes to external hemorrhoids, they can lesions and wounds. So Cortaid should not be used for such hemorrhoids. Instead, use some other milder hemorrhoids cream until the wound closes and then begin using Cortaid to help reduce the inflammation and itching.

If you intend using Cortaid for your hemorrhoids, gently wash the anal region with some warm water. Pat dry the region and let it air dry. Once the anal region is dry, you can put Cortaid using a clean finger. Make sure that you let the cream stay on the region for some time before dressing yourself. Ensure that you do not use a dressing for your hemorrhoids when using Cortaid. The cream is not meant to be used with a dressing.

Can You Use Cortaid for Hemorrhoids
The good news is that Cortaid is available over-the-counter as well as with a prescription. When you use OTC Cortaid, it works the best when hemorrhoids have just started or are in the initial stages. However, like any other medication, it is a must to consult a doctor before you begin applying Cortaid on your hemorrhoids. This is especially true for people who have other health issues and are taking medications for the same. If your hemorrhoids are in an advanced stage, you will need some other form of treatment, which you doctor can tell you.

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Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids