Effects On The Digestive System From Hemroids

Effects On The Digestive System From Hemroids

In present day and age, most people suffer from hemorrhoids because of poor eating habits. They do not eat enough fiber due to which they get constipated. When a person is constipated frequently, they strain while going to the toilet. This puts pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins, leading to hemorrhoids. However, what many people do not realize that hemorrhoids can also have an effective on the digestive system.

Leaking of Feces
According to Mayo Clinic, some people suffering from hemorrhoids may end up with bowel incontinence, a condition known as leaking of feces. This primarily occurs because the hemorrhoids are too painful to clean the anus properly after bowel movements. Leaking of feces may also occur when a person has prolapsed hemorrhoids, a condition where the internal hemorrhoids jut out of the anus. However, the hemorrhoids can be gently pushed back into the anus. But if they cannot, it leads to strangulated hemorrhoids, which requires immediate medical intervention. A strangulated hemorrhoid is starved for blood and as a result it begins to slough off. However, the tissue to which the hemorrhoid was attached does not get enough blood, resulting in gangrene.

The tissue around the anus can also become fibrous due to the hemorrhoids. Due to this the anus will not be able to close properly. Hence, this can also lead to leaking of feces.

Poor Digestion
People, who suffer from hemorrhoids, dread going to the toilet. As a result, they try to curtail their eating in the hope that they will not have a bowel movement. However, this can wreak havoc with the digestive system, leading to flatulence and other digestive problems. The person also ends up getting constipated, which further exacerbates the hemorrhoids.

One of the main reasons for hemorrhoids is constipation. When a person suffers from hemorrhoids, it could be due to chronic constipation. When the bowels are not evacuated, the person will suffer from abdominal distension and flatulence. They will have a feeling of having a full abdomen, which will affect their appetite and lead to further constipation. Hence, it can become a vicious cycle.

Impacted Colon
When a person suffers from chronic constipation and hemorrhoids, the person may not have regular bowel movements. At times, this can result in impaction of feces in the colon. This will require medical intervention, as the impacted feces has to be removed from the colon. While enemas may help to a certain extent, the dry and hard stools cannot be removed just with an enema. The doctor will have to either give the person suppositories to remove the impaction or insert fingers into the colon to break the stools into smaller pieces, so that they can come out of the body.

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Effects On The Digestive System From Hemroids