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What Is Hpv ?


After the awareness of cervical cancer everyone has heard the name of HPV or the humanpapillomavirus. It is the main culprit in causing cervical cancer. The HPV virus affects both men and women equally. However, for women some tests can diagnose the problem, but for men there are no tests available to identify the HPV virus.More...


Can Men Contract Hpv ?

Can Men Contract Hpv

Men are as susceptible as women to contract HPV virus. Even men contract this disease through a sexual intercourse. Even homosexual people are also likely to get HPV infections. It is common that men get genital warts. This is a common kind of HPV virus.More...


What Does Hpv Look Like ?

What Does Hpv Look Like

The humanpapillomavirus, also known as HPV, is one of the most common types of viruses to be found. It affects millions of people in the United States every year. It is a sexually transmitted disease, and most of the times it does not cause any serious infections.More...


Hpv Symptoms

Hpv Symptoms

HPV virus is a silent type, and people usually do not know that they have the virus because it does not exhibit any symptoms for a long time. Anybody who is sexually active is prone to getting the virus. Both genders are equally susceptible to it.More...


Can I Get Rid Of The Hpv Virus ?

Can I Get Rid Of The Hpv Virus

HPV stands for humanpapillomavirus. There are several strains of the HPV virus. In fact, one of the strains of HPV causes cervical cancer in women. Many sexually active people are prone to HPV infections. Many sexually transmitted diseases are also caused by strains of HPV virus. Some types of HPV virus can stay dormant in the body for several years and then they start affecting and multiplying and can become cancerous over a period of time.More...


Can You Cure Hpv ?

Can You Cure Hpv

Infections causes by the humanpapillomavirus are quite common actually. Several men and women get HPV related infections, and the statistics show that in the United States on a yearly basis nearly 20 million men and women get infected. However, not all HPV infections are dangerous. Some come and go just like urinary tract infections.More...


How Do You Test For Hpv ?

How Do You Test For Hpv

HPV stands for humanpapillomavirus which is actually a very common type of virus. There are nearly 40 strains of this virus and each one causes different conditions. For example, one of the strains causes genital warts and another strain causes cervix cancer in women, and in men it could lead to anal cancer.More...


Hpv Facts

Hpv Facts

HPV means the humanpapillomavirus. It comes from a common family of viruses and it is also responsible for causing cervical cancer in women. HPV viruses are transmitted from one human to another sexually. Some of the most common conditions that it causes are genital and plantar warts. These warts can be removed. However, HPV is known for causing several more types of cancer, like cancers of vulva, vagina and anus. It can also spread to the head and the neck.More...





Hpv-After-Hysterectomy      Several women wonder if it is possible to contract HPV virus after hysterectomy. After hysterectomy there could be some changes in the epithelium that could cause the pap smears to be abnormal. A woman can develop HPV or a vaginal dysplasia if there was a cervical dysplasia before and she was unaware of it. Women who have had hysterectomy are prone to getting cervical cancer as much as women who have not had it. More..




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