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Can Men Contract Hpv ?  

Men are as susceptible as women to contract HPV virus. Even men contract this disease through a sexual intercourse. Even homosexual people are also likely to get HPV infections. It is common that men get genital warts. This is a common kind of HPV virus.

In men, warts appear near the anus or along the penis and the scrotum. The warts can also appear in inner thighs.

Sexual partners can pass on the HPV virus without getting infected themselves. If the immunity of one person is higher than the other, then the other person gets infected by the HPV virus more easily.

HPV is transmitted only through sexual intercourse. However, statistics claim that men who have higher levels of immunity do not usually get affected by the HPV virus. The statistics also vary from country to country. So, they should not be taken as though they are etched on stone. There are hundreds of factors affecting men’s statistics. Like circumcised men are less likely to get affected by the virus and so on. HPV causes cancer over a period of time as it affects the immunity system and also lowers the body’s ability to fight the disease.

However, HPV can be detected in women, but in men there are no such tests that can rule out the possibility of a HPV infection. Women can get pap smear done, but men cannot. So, the statistics actually are extremely handicapped. Currently there is no treatment available for men for HPV. The best strategy for them is prevention, and they can exercise and eat food high in Vitamin A for prevention. Also, they should take adequate protection when having sex.

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Can Men Contract Hpv




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