Can You Cure Hpv ?

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Can You Cure Hpv ?

Infections causes by the humanpapillomavirus are quite common actually. Several men and women get HPV related infections, and the statistics show that in the United States on a yearly basis nearly 20 million men and women get infected. However, not all HPV infections are dangerous. Some come and go just like urinary tract infections.

Most of the infections caused by the HPV virus are sexually transmitted from one person to another. HPV virus is what causes genital warts. However, there is cure available for genital warts. It causes an abnormal cell change in a person’s body and that is what leads to various other long term conditions. The danger with HPV virus is that it lies dormant when the immune system is high, but when the body’s immune system is low, it attacks and leads to more dangerous diseases like cancer.

For women, there is cure for infections caused by some strains of HPV. Most of the infections are nor curable. HPV also is held responsible for causing cervical cancer, and now vaccinations for cancer of the cervix are there from companies like Gardasil. However, men are the main carriers of HPV virus and it is not detectable in them. If a man has been infected with the HPV virus, then there is no cure for it. Also, there are no tests available to determine the HPV virus presence in their body. For women, usually a pap smear is conducted to rule out the possibility of HPV virus. In women the abnormality in cell change can be monitored.

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Can You Cure Hpv