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HPV Symptoms  

HPV virus is a silent type, and people usually do not know that they have the virus because it does not exhibit any symptoms for a long time. Anybody who is sexually active is prone to getting the virus. Both genders are equally susceptible to it.

There are hundreds of strains of HPV and almost none of them exhibit any symptoms. Only forty of them are known to scientists. HPV can cause several diseases like cervical cancer, vaginal cancer and cancer of the vulva. The symptoms of cervical cancer show up after a long time only when it is at an advanced stage.

The humanpapillomavirus is not always harmful, and several times it stays in the body without harming. It is when our immune system is weak, it starts attacking the body. Sometimes it goes away on its own and as long as the immune system is strong the virus will stay dormant.

Women can get an annual pap smear test which will help to identify the presence of the virus. HPV, when infected, starts creating abnormal cell activity in the skin and that is how it is identified through the tests. The best way to avoid an HPV infection is to practice safe sex and also maintain proper hygiene. By having a diet that is rich in vitamins A and C, it helps to flush out viruses like HPV when they are inactive. Some of the infections like genital warts caused by the HPV can be removed easily at home or with the help of a doctor.

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Hpv Symptoms




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