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What Is Hpv ?  

After the awareness of cervical cancer everyone has heard the name of HPV or the humanpapillomavirus. It is the main culprit in causing cervical cancer. The HPV virus affects both men and women equally. However, for women some tests can diagnose the problem, but for men there are no tests available to identify the HPV virus.

There are more than 100 different strains of HPV virus. Out of them around 15 of can cause cancer. It can cause cancers like cervical cancer, anal cancer, penile cancer, hand cancer of the vagina. HPV virus is in act one of the most common kind of virus to be found. It affects millions of Americans every year.

Among all the stains only 40 types of virus are known to scientists. HPV is an invisible virus and it can found only through the conditions and symptoms it causes. HPV virus is transmitted sexually from one person to another. It also causes other mild conditions like genital warts in people. It can also cause oral diseases like mouth sores. The presence of HPV can be suspected if you identify any genital warts in your body. The high rate of cervical cancer is due to the HPV virus.

The virus attacks the body when the immune system is weak. When the immune system is strong the virus lies dormant in the body. It can stay dormant for two to three years and then disappear. Some of the precursors that activate the HPV virus are stress and poor lifestyle habits.

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What Is Hpv




Can-I-Get-Rid-Of-The-Hpv-Virus      HPV stands for humanpapillomavirus. There are several strains of the HPV virus. In fact, one of the strains of HPV causes cervical cancer in women. Many sexually active people are prone to HPV infections. Many sexually transmitted diseases are also caused by strains of HPV virus. Some types of HPV virus can stay dormant in the body for several years and then they start affecting and multiplying and can become cancerous over a period of time. More..




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What Is Hpv ? )
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