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How To Stop Itch From Insect Bites ?  

Insect bites can be bothersome because they are itchy and sometimes hurt a lot too. There are several home-based remedies for an insect bite. Some people say banana peel is very effective and even butter or nail polish can do the trick. Using a hair dryer on full blow dry can help relieve the pain on the localized site of the insect bite. You may also have some creams and astringents that can reduce the pain and itching sensation.


There are several such advices like applying ammonia, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, basil or baking soda for insect bites. Most of the popular commercial creams contain ammonia, eucalyptus oil and some popular plant products. Going by the effectiveness of these things, a home based remedy could work for you. However, it is best if you contact a doctor when you feel that the insect bite is bad.  

Benadryl is a cough syrup, but it can be applied locally because it contains diphenhydramine. It serves the same purpose of caladryl or a calamine lotion. It stops the itching in a short period of time. Doctors suggest that if you are treating kids for insect bites, it is best to do it orally. The exact dosage is given when they have an insect bite. With a topical application, you do not know what the right amount is and it could result in over application.

Hydrocortisone cream is also very effective in getting rid of the itch caused by insect bites. It decreases the inflammation and reduces the itchy sensation. It is available over the counter in products, such as Cortizone. Also, the benefit of this chemical is that it has a wide range of application and can be used for almost all insect bites. If a person shows too many allergic reactions, hydrocortisone could be very helpful.

It is always better to have a calamine lotion as a backup. Calamine acts as a drying agent but it is not that good for itching symptoms. However, it also has cooling properties and it can provide the instant relief you are looking for. Doctors also believe that its pink color helps to psychologically nullify the itch.

Itching is a vicious cycle because the more you scratch, the more you want to scratch again. If you continue scratching, then it will end up in a lesion, which is exactly what the bacteria want, and this will result in an infection before you know it.

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