How Long Does Lyme Disease Last ?

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How Long Does Lyme Disease Last ?

Lyme disease is caused by the bite of a tick on humans. These ticks are usually found on deer and other smaller animals. It is caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi, which is usually found on smaller animals. The ticks pick up these bacteria and when they bite humans, they pass them on to the blood stream.

Lyme disease progresses very fast as the bacteria keeps multiplying. The initial symptoms of the disease are tiredness, weakness and pain in the muscles, head aches, soar throat and high fever. Also, the characteristic rash is present at the place of the tick bite. If all these symptoms exist together then it can be confirmed that the person has been infected by Lyme disease.

If the disease is treated promptly, then the symptoms are controlled within a week. If the treatment has not been taken promptly and if the disease has been ignored, then there could be several complications of the disease. Lyme disease bacteria, if it is remaining in the body, can cause several severe complications like heart problems, arthritis, and even paralysis. It can lead to meningitis later.

The bacteria keep multiplying in the body even after the initial symptoms of the disease disappear. Lyme disease can become chronic, and people will need to get hospitalized at that stage. Under normal circumstances, if treated with antibiotics, the disease goes away in three to seven days. The antibiotics are essential to kill the harmful bacteria and stop it from multiplying to avoid future complications.

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How Long Does Lyme Disease Last