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Later Symptoms Of Lyme Disease  

Lyme disease is quite a common disease in the US. It is a tick borne disease. The infection is not caused by the tick directly, but by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. This bacterium is carried by smaller animals usually, and the ticks pick them up from these animals. When they bite a human being, the bacteria gets into the blood stream and starts causing various symptoms like fever and headaches.

Lyme disease can be easily treated by using antibiotics. The doctor will identify if it is Lyme disease by looking for a rash on the body and also if there are symptoms like fever, headaches and joint pains. Also, if there are deer near the place you live, then the chances of getting Lyme disease are much higher. The antibiotic treatment is very essential to treat the disease effectively. If you take the complete course of antibiotics, the disease goes away within a week. However, if Lyme disease has been left untreated, then there are various complications that can occur. The bacterium continues to stay in the body and it also multiplies and spreads to various organs in the body. It can start affecting the joints and cause arthritis. It can affect the heart and cause irregular heart beats. It can also lead to paralysis attacks.

It is a simple disease that can be treated with antibiotics without any difficulty. The symptoms of it also improve gradually under the treatment. It is non treatment that causes alter symptoms in a person.

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Later Symptoms Of Lyme Disease




Lyme-Disease-And-Rash      Lyme disease is caused by a tick bite and the tick that carries the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria transmits it into the blood causing Lyme disease. The symptoms of the disease are headaches, sore throat, fever, joint pains and tiredness. The rash is the most characteristic feature of the Lyme disease. It appears at the site of the tick bite. It is a circular rash that is soft in texture and it is also raised. It may sometimes feel warm at the site of the rash. The rash eventually looks like a bull’s eye. More..




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Later Symptoms Of Lyme Disease )
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