How Long Do Measles Last

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How Long Do Measles Last

The symptoms of measles generally tend to last for around 12 days.

The rash starts disappearing around three to four days after it reaches its peak. It disappears in the same order in which it began. As the rash is disappearing it first turns copper, and then brown with white flakes.When a child is first exposed to measles virus, there will be no outward sign of the disease. However, during this period, which lasts for around 10 days, there are series of viral and immunological activities taking place inside the body.

After 10 days comes the prodromal stage where the child starts showing the first symptoms of the disease. The child will feel tired, have a running nose, cough, and the eyes will be red. All these symptoms are similar to those of a cold. However, the child will also have high grade fever of around 103 degrees Fahrenheit. These symptoms increase over a period of 4 days.

In these 4 days, the child will also develop spots in the mouth. These spots are characteristic of measles and are called Koplik spots. The spots usually start on the inside of the cheeks, near the lower molars and then spread to cover the entire area of the cheeks and the lower lip.

The rash on the body develops 10 days after the child has been exposed to measles virus. This is around 4 days after the symptoms the symptoms appear. The rash initially appears as spots, which then begin to join. It first makes its appearance near the ears and on the forehead along the hairline. From here it spreads to the face, neck, arms, buttocks and legs. During this time, the Koplik spots disappear from the mouth and the fever begins to subside.

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How Long Do Measles Last