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Norovirus Symptoms  

Noroviruses are caused by a group of viruses that attack either he intestines, bones or muscles. These viruses are not dangerous and can be treated with medications. Most of the times, the body takes a decent time to heal which can be anywhere from two days to a week.

The virus is contagious and mostly air bone. Hence, you will observe these viruses in feces and vomit of the infected person. The most important thing is to wash hands before and after eating. Keeping the bathroom clean followed by thoroughly flushing. Cooking and eating seafood should be minimal at the stage of infection. Most common symptoms observed are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramping. Occasionally, you will suffer from chills, headache, muscle aches and tiredness. This is often noticed in the initial weeks of infection and also sometimes noticed before suffering from it.

This disease will last for a good 2 day or to the max a week. Most common sufferers have happened to be children and patients with low self immune system. This illness, which is brought on by norovirus infection, has many names. Some of the common names are viral gastroenteritis and stomach flu. Viral gastroenteritis is also commonly caused by this virus and affects the stomach and the intestines. Major other diseases are calicivirus and food poisoning followed by acute gastroenteritis and non-bacterial gastroenteritis.

Most people might vomit continuously for a day or more. These people can only feel better after a day or two. They might constantly feel weak and tired. Most often people keep drinking liquids but often lost due to non-stop vomiting. Hence, at such times the person feel dehydrated and would then need extra attention. Therefore, if you suffer from such symptoms what you need to do is consuming food which is properly cooked. Avoid consuming food from outside. Keep the bathroom clean. Avoid sharing food and cooking while suffering from this disorder. Have a healthy lifestyle and stay happy.

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Norovirus Symptoms




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