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Norovirus Treatment  

Norovirus is caused by a group of viruses that also results in gastroenteritis. It is a kind of inflammation that affects the stomach and intestines. This virus takes different forms and can be named in different ways like, Norwalk-like viruses, small round structure viruses, and caliciviruses.

These viruses are definitely different from parasites and bacteria. Noroviruses can be treated with antibiotics and grow in the external part of the body. The usual symptoms of noroviruses are vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. The other basic symptoms are chills, headache, tiredness and fever. The illness can easily last for 2 days. Diarrhea is a common symptom mostly observed in children. Illness has other names like viral gastroenteritis, stomach flu, calicivirus infection, food poisoning, non-bacterial gastroenteritis, and acute gastroenteritis.

Most people vomit and feel sick almost throughout the day. People always feel unable to drink as most of the food that is consumed gets lost. Most norovirus infections can be treated only by keeping safe measures. There are no antiviral treatments involved. Antibiotics can only work against bacteria and not viruses. When people suffer from such symptoms the ideal way is to drink enough water followed by consuming healthy and thoroughly cooked food. Dehydration can be most common and affects the younger patients. Due to consumption of fluids, one can surely decrease the chances of becoming dehydrated.

To prevent this infection, one must be clean and avoid uncooked seafood. Constantly wash your hands and keep the bathroom clean and tidy. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Flush stools and vomit immediately. Wash clothes in hot water, so that the viruses are removed. Food should not be disposed, and needs to be served instantly. One must completely avoid outside food.

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Norovirus Treatment




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