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What Is The Norovirus ?  

Norovirus is also associated with stomach flu, food poisoning, diarrhea, gastro-enteritis. These viruses are small round structured virus that causes most of the problems. These are contagious viruses and are usually air-borne.

Most common problems are caused due to contaminated water and consumption of food and water. These viruses are present in lakes, swimming pools and ships. Most often these viruses are also observed in uncooked foods like clams and oysters. These diseases are also common in younger children. These diseases are observed in the winter season and observed in people with low-immune system. The virus takes 49 hours to subside. People who suffer from stomach flu or diarrhea are advised to take rest for at least 2 days.

The common symptoms involve fever, headache, mild fever and vomiting. There is no antibiotic medication involved. The best treatment would be drinking enough water, liquids to completely hydrate the body. A diagnosis is extremely essential and these viruses are observed under the microscope. The spread of this virus can be stopped by washing hands and legs every time you visit the bathroom. Consumption of cooked food will surely help you a lot. Avoid cooking seafood for a time. Keep the kitchen and bathroom clean. Enough wet are would lead to virus formation.

These people should improve their immunity system for another year or so. Dehydration is a major reason for these viruses to create maximum problem. Also, do keep drinking fluids as that would keep your body hydrated. There is a good possibility for re-infection; hence, prevention is the only solution.

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What Is The Norovirus ?




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What Is The Norovirus ? )
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