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Difference Between Pneumonia And Bronchitis  

Pneumonia and bronchitis are in many ways similar and that is why often people mistake one for the other. This is especially true in cases where the person is suffering from cough, low grade fever and emitting green phlegm. However, there is difference between pneumonia and bronchitis.

When compared with bronchitis, pneumonia is dangerous. The bronchial passages are inflamed in case of acute bronchitis. Bronchial passages are the ones which take the air into the lungs. This is an infection which attacks in the months of winter season and virus causes this infection. This infection does not need any treatment and it cures by itself in 7 to 10 days, but the cough remains for a longer period which can extend to weeks or even months.

Pneumonia is the infection of the lung tissue surrounding the bronchial tubes. Pneumonia is a kind of infection which spreads to the blood vessels in lungs and also attacks the blood stream. It is an infection which affects the whole body, especially those of people with weak immune systems and of older and aged people.

In case of acute bronchitis, the patient experiences mild symptoms. The common symptoms are cough, wheezing, low grade fever and chest congestion. The temperature will not reach more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is the case of pneumonia, fever is high, which is common, and others symptoms include difficulty in breathing, shaking, chills, chest pain and muscle aches. A person with pneumonia also experience flu or seasonal influenza. In case of influenza, the patient will not experience chest pain and shortness of breath but muscle aches and chills are common.

As virus causes acute bronchitis, antibiotics need not be used for the treatment. Pneumonia can be either viral or bacterial in nature. To know whether it is caused by virus or bacteria, doctor can ask for sputum sample. If it is proved that it is because of bacteria, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. According to the severity, the patient needs to be hospitalized.

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Difference Between Pneumonia And Bronchitis




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Difference Between Pneumonia And Bronchitis )
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