How Is Pneumonia Spread ?

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How Is Pneumonia Spread ?

Pneumonia is a contagious infection which causes the lungs to inflame and they get filled with fluid and also white blood cells. As a result the lungs have to work more than needed to eliminate the liquid that is present in them. So, pneumonia can be easily spread to the other people, who are in direct contact with the infected person as each time the person coughs and sneezes, the pathogens will be released in airborne droplets.

Various illnesses cause pneumonia. People who are attacked with HINI virus and seasonal flu are at a risk of getting pneumonia, but majority with these illnesses are not affected by pneumonia. A bacterium is the one which causes pneumonia in majority of cases. Fungi and parasite can also cause pneumonia. To cure bacterial pneumonia, antibiotics are prescribed by the doctors.

If you are suffering from any illness, it can cause pneumonia. For instance, if you have H1N1 virus, you can develop pneumonia. The common symptoms of this disease are dry cough, headache and fever.

If the lungs do not respond properly to H1N1 virus, the common symptoms prevail and the lungs get filled with fluid and white blood cells to combat the infection. The lungs have to work harder to fight it. If the immune system is not strong enough fight against the infection, the amount of fluid becomes more, and it becomes harder for the lungs and this causes pneumonia.

A person attacked with viral infection with proper lung functioning will not be attacked with pneumonia. People suffering from asthma and other respiratory complications are susceptible to pneumonia. 

Pneumonia can be prevented the same way that you prevent flu or common cold. Sleep well, eat well, drink lots of fluids and work out regularly. Keep washing your hands frequently, and make use of a hand sanitizer on shared surfaces like keyboards, phones, door knobs and light switches. Use tissues when you cough or sneeze.

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How Is Pneumonia Spread