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How Long Does It Take To Get Better From Pneumonia ?  

There are many factors which contribute towards the duration of time for which a patient suffers from pneumonia. Some of them are the age of the patient, the extent of severity of the symptoms, general health conditions and the cause of the infection.


If the cause of the infection is pneumococcal bacteria, then the doctor may as well prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition. The medicines take 3 to 5 days to start showing effect. The patient gets relief from most of the symptoms and can resume routine activities in a week’s time. The symptoms of fatigue and cough may take as long as a month to get cured fully.

In severe cases of this infection, the treatment is given when the patient is admitted in a hospital. It would take almost 3 weeks of medications and rest for the patient to be in a condition to resume routine activities.  Treatment at home is limited to milder cases.

Some of the factors which will be borne in mind before recommending certain medications by the doctor will include finding out the cause of the infection, judging the severity of the infection symptoms, and getting information on any other medical complication or conditions that may already be existing in the patient.

The main aim of the treatment for pneumonia would be to cure the condition and avoid onset of any other complications. Antibiotics will be prescribed only if the cause of the infection is known to be bacteria. The prescribed medicines should be taken regularly for the duration suggested by the doctor. Premature stoppage of medicines when the patient feels slight relief will lead to a possible relapse of pneumonia.

If the infection is known to be caused by viral attack, antibiotics will prove to be ineffective. The medicine prescribed should be anti-viral. In this case, the patient will see an improvement in the condition in 1 to 3 weeks of taking medicines and rest.

The symptoms of pneumonia like slight cough or fatigue take the longest time to be rid of. It could take as long as a month or more. Once the medicines begin to take effect, the patient gets relief from most symptoms 3 to 5 days from the day the medications commenced. They can return to their routine within a week’s time. Those who suffer a more serious infection may take almost 3 weeks in the hospital before feeling fit enough to be discharged.

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