How Long Does Pneumonia Last ?

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How Long Does Pneumonia Last ?

Pneumonia causes respiratory illness and infects the lungs. The lungs get inflamed, and they get filled with extra fluid. This leads infection, which is caused by bacteria, virus, fungi or parasites. The lungs are the most affected parts when someone gets infected with pneumonia.

After a person is said to have pneumonia, he will be prescribed with antibiotics, anti-fungal medications and antiviral medications, depending on the cause of the disease. Walking pneumonia is a kind of mild pneumonia. If the severity is high, it is called double pneumonia. In case the severity is high, hospitalization is required with oxygen and strong medication.

If the patient does not have any other illness, he can recover in 2 weeks after being diagnosed with pneumonia. People who have asthma, respiratory disorders and smokers will take many weeks or months to recover. Even after the infection is cured, cough will remain for some more weeks. The people who are old need to be cared for a lot in case they are infected with pneumonia. Seniors and children are high risk categories.

To recover faster, you can take a few measures though. Take adequate rest, drink lots of fluids, use the medicines as prescribed, and take steamy showers to clear the lungs. Also, inhale hot steam from fluids, and get out the excess mucus when you cough. Doctors will prescribe medicines to make the mucus thin in the lungs to help you overcome the infection. You can use over the counter drugs to reduce the cough, but it is better to consult your doctor before you use these drugs or any herbal medicines.

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How Long Does Pneumonia Last