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How Long Should My Child Stay Home After Pneumonia ?  

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs which can be contagious. The recipient of infectious germs may not necessarily get pneumonia but may suffer from other infections of the upper respiratory tract. The infection can be spread by air or by contact through infected surfaces. People coming in close proximity as in the case of offices, classrooms and hostels stand a higher risk of getting infected. The germs are located mostly in the nose and mouth and mucus or sputum is their carriers. As children are often infected by the pneumonia causing bacteria, parents want to know how should a child stay home after pneumonia.

Once infected, a child will take a few weeks to recover fully. The immune system will fight against these germs and cleansing of the system will begin in the form of coughing phlegm which may last for a week or two. The duration of recovery time varies from one child to another. They should be preferably kept indoors in order to avoid spreading the infection.

The child may feel weak, have fever or not have good appetite even after finishing the complete course of medicines. Some factors to be borne in mind before commencing school for infected children are regaining energy levels and appetite, loss of fever. One can wait a day or two more after recovery for the child to feel 100 percent fit.

Antibiotics should be given in the correct dosage and at correct time intervals as specified. The child may be recommended paracetemol if the pain or fever during this infection is high. One should administer the medications as instructed by the doctor. Overdose can be dangerous to the child’s health.

During the recovery phase, the child should be encouraged to consume plenty of fluids and eat small and healthy meals. Fluids will keep the body hydrated and encourage loosening mucus in the lungs. One can try clear soup, warm tea or water. Humidifiers can also be used to assist in clearing the lungs and making breathing less difficult.

Such children should be kept away from others to avoid relapse of infection even before the current one is cured. The chances of spreading the infection to others can also be minimized.

X-ray of the chest and follow up check by doctor will assist in commencing another course of treatment if the condition does not improve. It will clarify if the infection still persists in the lungs even if most of the symptoms no longer exist.

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