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Is There Vaccine For Pneumonia ?  

Pneumonia is caused by pneumococcus bacteria. There are approximately 80 different varieties of this bacterium. If you are wondering whether there is a vaccine for pneumonia, the answer is yes. Vaccination against this infection has been developed which act effectively against 23 of these varieties. The aim of the vaccine is to stimulate the immune system during normal health to produce antibodies against the bacteria injected. This process in which the immune system is made to fight against specific microbes is termed as immunization. This pneumococcal vaccine when injected is termed as pneumococcal immunization.


Although the vaccine does not work against the bacteria other than the 23 varieties, it is considered effective since most cases of pneumonia get triggered by these bacteria.

Usually certain people are recommended this vaccination like:

  • People aged 65 years and above
  • Individuals above the age of two with chronic disorders in the heart or lungs, like diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, congestive heart failure, chronic liver disorder, cardiomyopathy, emphysema, chronic bronchitis or leak of the spinal fluid
  • Natives of Alaska and certain groups of the American Indian populace
  • Before undergoing major surgery like immunosuppressive therapy or removal of the spleen. The vaccine will be injected 2 weeks before the surgery as far as possible


The area where the injection is to be administered should be sterilized with rubbing alcohol on that portion of the skin. The vaccine is administered as a single dose in most cases. The second dosage will be administered if a time gap of almost 5 years after the first dose has passed. Also, if the first dose is given at an age below 65, the second dose should be administered at 65 years. 

Pneumonia vaccine shot is given to the deltoid muscle or below one’s skin and the quantity is limited to a dosage of 0.5 ml. In case of individuals whose spleens have been removed or if the spleen is not functioning optimally as in the case of patients suffering from sickle cell anemia; patients having a transplant; patients suffering from chronic disorder in the kidney; people whose immune systems are nor functioning optimally like immuno-suppressed or immuno-deficient; the second dose should be administered 5 years after the first dose.

Some common side effects on administering this vaccine are allergic reaction, soreness or redness of the area of skin where the shot has been given, rash or fever.

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Is There Vaccine For Pneumonia




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