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What Are The Signs Symptoms Treatment And Medications Of Bronchial Pneumonia ?  

A person is said to have bronchial pneumonia when patches spread in the lungs. Bronchial pneumonia is mostly seen in kids and older adults. Bronchial pneumonia is a bacterial infection which is caused by many varieties of bacteria. The lungs get irritated and inflamed due to pneumonia.

The symptoms of bronchial pneumonia are fast breathing, pain in the chest, cough and shortness of breath. And, the other common symptoms are sweating, fever, weakness and headaches. In addition, the person will cough out greenish-yellow phlegm.

Bronchial pneumonia comes into existence as the immune system of the patient becomes weak. This immune system could have been weakened due to influenza or viral upper respiratory tract infection. Flu and cold can cause bronchial pneumonia.

Bronchial pneumonia is also known as walking pneumonia. Pneumonia can also cause fever, cough and chills. If the immune system is badly damaged, the effect of pneumonia is severe. Bronchial pneumonia can be either viral or bacterial in nature. Sometimes, parasites and fungi can also cause this type of pneumonia.

The severity and symptoms of this disease are different, and depend on the age, and general health and physical condition. People with asthma are at risk of being severely affected with bronchial pneumonia.

Bronchial pneumonia is commonly treated with antibiotic medication to fight against streptococcus pneumoniae or mycoplasma pneumoniae bacteria. The symptoms start to show in within a few days of contracting the disease. A doctor will recommend antibiotic injections and also oxygen mask to breathe properly if the symptoms are severe.

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What Are The Signs Symptoms Treatment And Medications Of Bronchial Pneumonia




What-Are-The-Symptoms-Of-Bronchial-Pneumonia      Bronchial pneumonia can be caused by either bacteria or viruses which affect the bronchial tubes and lungs. Bronchi patches will have inflammation and irritation in both the lungs. This happens because of the poor immune system; and smokers and people with asthma and allergy are more at risk of getting bronchial pneumonia. This disease mostly infects infants, kids and the older adults. More..




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What Are The Signs Symptoms Treatment And Medications Of Bronchial Pneumonia ? )
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