When Is Pneumonia No Longer Contagious ?

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When Is Pneumonia No Longer Contagious ?

Pneumonia is a disease which is caused invariably by the staphylococcus aureus bacterium. The symptoms do not differ according to the kind of pneumonia. If the person is diagnosed and treatment is started immediately, the patient will not spread the infection within two days.

Pneumonia is a contagious disease which infects the lungs. This disease is of three kinds. It may be viral, fungal or bacterial. Bacterial pneumonia is more dangerous than the viral pneumonia, and usually attacks in the winter season. The stage of danger of bacterial pneumonia depends on the bacterium that caused it.

Bacterial pneumonia will cause high grade fever and the person will constantly feel tired. If the person is finding it difficult to breathe and the lips turn blue, hospitalization is a must. The symptoms of bacterial pneumonia are chills, fever, cough with phlegm, rapid breathing, wheezing, headaches, chest pain, muscle aches, stomach ache, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy and bluish lips.

After the patient starts taking antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria causing pneumonia, he will be contagious only for 2 days. The infection can be spread by sneezing, coughing and sharing eatables. Do not get in close contact with the infected person until two days after the treatment has started.

If the infected person knows that he is infected, he needs to avoid crowds. The patient needs to wash hands often, wipe surfaces he touched, and use the medication as prescribed. The patient has to take lots of rest and also drink lot of fluids to get cured soon.

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When Is Pneumonia No Longer Contagious