What To Do If You Get Walking Pneumonia During Pregnancy

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What To Do If You Get Walking Pneumonia During Pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is a delicate condition for women because most of the illnesses occurring during this period have to be treated with care. Walking pneumonia affects everyone regardless of gender or age. Children less than 15 years are highly susceptible to getting walking pneumonia. Even pregnant women are susceptible to walking pneumonia and this infection can have an adverse effect on the fetus. But, it depends on the woman, who is pregnant. If she is taking extra precautions to follow hygiene and eats well, then she is not likely to get it. The immune system of pregnant women works extra vigilantly.

Walking pneumonia symptoms are quite similar to flu or influenza. So, if a pregnant woman gets walking pneumonia, then she has to contact a doctor and take just those drugs that are prescribed by the doctor. These medications mainly relieve the symptoms like cough and cold.

Some of the symptoms of walking pneumonia are cough, cold, nausea, fatigue and weakness. For a normal person, these symptoms are not considered severe and usually doctors advise them to take rest of prescribing medications. For a pregnant woman, these symptoms are taken seriously. Moreover, the fetus is at risk as it can develop a variety of pneumonic infections like bacterial pneumonia, fungal, viral, ventilator, healthcare atypical and acquired pneumonia. Walking pneumonia if not treated in time can manifest itself into pneumonia for the new born. However, pregnant women can avoid walking pneumonia by keeping themselves strong and maintaining a strong immune system. If her immunity is good the infection can be fought within the body.

Expectant mothers, who have a history of weak lungs, asthma and weakness, are more prone to getting pneumonia. Some antibiotics used to treat pneumonia are Macrolide and Beta Lactam. They give positive results and control maternal pneumonia. However pregnant women are supervised on a strict basis when they are affected with walking pneumonia. When a fetus is affected with walking pneumonia, it can result in a low birth weight. This could complicate matters further for the new born. It can also result in respiratory failure in a new born.

An expecting mother should take all the medications prescribed by her doctor diligently. The infection is completely treated and the fetus will be out of danger. Even a normal subtle infection like walking pneumonia can cause irreparable damage to the lungs of the unborn.

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