How Do You Get Rabies ?

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How Do You Get Rabies ?

Invariably a person will get rabies after being bitten by an animal that is infected with the rabies causing virus. It is also possible to get rabies from getting the saliva of the animal in the eye, nose, mouth, skin puncture or wound. However, this is not that common and happens very rarely.

Many people wonder whether they can get rabies through some other means other than being bitten. As explained above, getting rabies from another source other than a bite is quite a rare occurrence, but it does happen. If you have a scratch, wound or cut, and it comes in contact with the saliva of an infected animal, the virus that causes rabies can enter your body and give you the disease.

Another way of getting rabies is breathing in the virus that is floating in the air around us. However, this does not happen in normal circumstances as the virus cannot live outside the body. But this form of infection is possible in people who work in laboratories and handle the rabies virus.

One of the other non-bite ways of getting rabies is by coming in contact with the blood, feces or urine of an infected animal. You can also contract rabies by petting an infected animal.

If you feel that you have been exposed to a rabid animal, you should seek medical attention immediately. There are rabies vaccines available in the US that can prevent the onset of this fatal and extremely painful disease. However, time is the essence here.

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How Do You Get Rabies