What To Do For Ringworm


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What To Do For Ringworm ?  

Prevention is better than cure. This cannot be truer than in the case of infection caused by ringworm. A skin rash, which can cause severe damage like formation of bald patches on the scalp or long lasting scratching and inflammation of the skin in human body, is called ringworm. It is a misnomer as it leads people to believe that this skin infection is caused by a worm. In reality, it is caused by a specific variety of fungus.


The spores of the fungus are present in the surrounding environment. Since they can live in a dormant stage for up to eight months the inherent threat of being attacked by this fungus always lingers around. One should bear in mind that maintenance of personal hygiene is the best way to avoid getting the infection.

In the event of having a ringworm infection, the infected individual should undertake treatment on consultation with a doctor. The treatment should be completed without a break since this will make the fungus more resistant. The individual should also be extra cautious in order to avoid possibility of spreading the infection to other members of the family of people around.

If symptoms, like appearance of pimples on the skin, formation of reddish colored patches, inflammation, appearance of ring shaped patches on the skin, appearance of bald patches on the scalp, scratchiness in certain areas of the skin especially around the feet, scalp, around the groin; change in coloration of the nails of the toes or fingers occur, the person should not postpone a visit to the doctor. The fungal infection can be treated effectively when detected at an early stage with suitable medicines like anti-fungal creams or in severe cases with oral pills. Pills will be prescribed even if the infection lasts longer than normal or if it recurs.

Infected individuals must pay attention to their personal belongings like towels, hair accessories, bed-sheets and clothing. These should not be shared with other family members. Such people should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes so as to avoid further irritation and itching and bathe regularly.

As a regular habit one should bear in mind that proper personal hygiene will do more good than harm in keeping this infection at bay. Use proper footwear while going out, wash hands thoroughly after an outing or after grooming any pet, use shower shoes in public shower utility , wear proper footwear in gyms or pools and do not share personal items like towels, hair accessories, bed sheets, soap and comb.

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