Will Bleach Get Rid Of Ringworm


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Will Bleach Get Rid Of Ringworm ?  

Ringworm, as the name suggests is a condition of rash of the skin which has close resemblance to ring-shape worms being embedded below the skin. This infection is contagious and can spread by direct or indirect contact with the infected individual, pet or animal. One treatment often recommended for ringworm is making use of bleach. Many people actually wonder whether this treatment is any good.


Before trying to figure out whether bleach will get rid of ringworm, let us look at how ringworm occurs.

The fungus is abundant in the environment surrounding us. These are in the form of spores which can remain dormant for up to 8 months and attack when they come in contact with the skin of humans or animals.

Some of the symptoms include appearance of red colored patches on the skin which become itchy, bald patches on the scalp, swelling of the rash, appearance of ring-shaped inflammations with an outer scaly appearance and a lighter inside, discoloration of the nails on the toes or fingers, or appearance of scales on the skin of the feet. People not responding to the treatment of local applications or those with additional complaints like fever, increase in the redness, swelling or pain may be prescribed pills.

People with weak immunity or those suffering from stress, diabetes or HIV; people undergoing chemotherapy or young children and animals have a higher risk of getting infected.

A home remedy can also be tried by infected people. This will reduce the irritation and rid the ringworm in about 3 days. The mixture to be applied can be made by combining 2 cups warm water and 1/3 cup chlorine bleach in a glass bowl and mixing them well. One can use cotton swabs to dip in this mixture and dab on the areas infected. This bleach will have to be left overnight or for as long as one can bear. Care should be taken to ensure that the cotton dab once applied on the rash should not be dipped again in the bleach. If relief is not visible, one can reduce the water in the bleach by 1/2 cup. If the irritation increases after application of the bleach mixture, 1/2 cup extra water can be used for diluting the bleach still further.

However, doctors recommend treating a ringworm infection with anti-fungal cream, which contains miconazol, terbinafine, clotrimazol or ketoconazol. People not responding may be prescribed medication containing ketoconazole. This medication would have to be taken orally.

Furthermore, to completely eliminate the fungus, the bed sheets and clothing of infected people should be soaked and washed in hot water. The individual should avoid sharing combs, soaps, towels, bed sheets or even hair accessories with others. In order to avoid getting infected, one should always adhere to maintenance of good personal hygiene.

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